WinFol EXTREME are car foils that represent top-line in car foils from a leading retailers directly from the USA. Those car foils are characterized by high solar rejection by minimum 58% and by maximum 64%, for the most efficient the throughput is only 10 % which is the world's unique. We offer eight-year guarantee for WinFol car foils. During the time of guarantee they won't change the colour, get purple or crackle. In no way there will be a defect with the adhesive and the car foils will keep their features.

The eight-year guaranty provides importer of the car foils the ZUZI s.r.o. company and is not provided by the producer of the car foils. We stand for the quality of the product so in case any defects appear on your WinFol you can claim immediate refund of the price you paid and you'll get exchange of the foil for free.

No other retailer will give you such warranty. This is the reason why WinFol are the unique network where you can find only the best from the world of car foils.