Eight years ago the ZUZI s.r.o. company has decided, after being the only importer of high quality car foils SunTek, to register their own trademark WinFol. Under the trademark WinFol they have decided to sell the highest quality car foils from the American leading retailers. It’s obvious that one brand can have one premium quality product and on the other hand there is some other in the different sector that is better. This is the reason we have decided to have the best from several producers. If you choose the WinFol car foils you are choosing the best that the current market can gives you. We offer car foils in two different types: WinFolExtreme – dark black with eight-year guarantee and WinFolCeramic with ten-year guarantee. During the time of guarantee we assure you that car foils WinFol won’t shade away or get purple but they will keep their features.

After the assemblage of your car foil WinFolExtreme or Ceramic is done you are automatically included in the draw for valuable prizes. Information about current draw can be found on winfol.sk or Facebook and they will be willingly presented to you in any of our assembly centres. Verification of professional installation includes voucher with the name of customer and contact. If you are the lucky one, we will contact you. We are wishing you the very best of luck.

WinFol type Ceramic

Our IR car foils WinFol CERAMIC reject the harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation from sun. Those car foils have been designed with our independent technology. They are number one in the world with their 65% to 85% visible transmittance and 40% to 99% resistance of infrared sun heat (900-1000 nm).

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WinFol type extreme

WinFol EXTREME are the top quality car foils supplied by leading producers from America. Those car foils are characterized by high solar rejection by minimum 58% and by maximum 64%, for the most efficient the throughput is only 10% which is the world’s unique.

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