We are proud to present you the latest protective car foil WinFol PPF Nano of the third generation with NANO finish. Nowadays owners of new cars treat them with protection of lacquer from different damages such as stones on the road, cleaning in automatic car wash, little scratches from parking lots. They protect cars by applying protective car foil WinFol PPF NANO. By doing so, they extend the car appearance and the car body will look as brand new after three or even five years of usage. Thanks to such care your car will have higher value if you will sell it because the lacquer is not damaged and looks as new. Car foils are the matter of course with expensive and luxury brands.

WinFol PPFNANO is available in two varieties: high gloss or matte.

Gallery of implementations

Mercedes S Maybach

Inštalácia ochrannej fólie WinFol PPF Nano.

Lamborghini Urus

Installation of WinFol PPF Nano protective film.

Mercedes G trieda - WinFol PPF Nano

Installation of WinFol PPF Nano protective film.

Benefits of applying the car foil:

  • Car foil has a special surface coating – hydrophobic coating that repeals water and helps cleaning the car from flies and dirt,
  • has so called self-healing ability that guarantee all scratches will disappear after using hot water.
  • has ultra high gloss,
  • has five-year guarantee, during this time will protect covered parts of your car,
  • is made of the latest polyurethane material,
  • will never get yellowish and won’t have the appearance of orange peel as can happen with cheap PVC foils,
  • is UV stable but U-v light can penetrate so the colour of covered parts can fade the same as other parts of the car that are not covered with foil.