Types of WinFol car films

Exclusive materials from a leading retailer directly from the USA

Why to choose WinFol car foils? It is easy. If you choose car foils WinFol you have 100% warrantee that you have chosen the best car foil on the market. We offer several options of guarantee for car foils WinFol and they are set according to the type of WinFol. For the WinFolExtreme it is eight-year guarantee and for the WinFolCeramic it is ten-year guarantee. During the time of guarantee they won’t peel, they won’t get purple, crackle and no bubbles will appear. In case such defects appear on your WinFol you can claim immediate refund of the price you paid and you’ll get exchange of the foil for free. No other supplier or producer will give you such warrantee. This is the warrantee that only ZUZI s.r.o. is offering. We are the guaranty and we stand for it. Since 2012 we are testing new products and samples of foils. We have a proof that our foil are made from the best materials. Our famous counter stand with foils that resist the sun gives us a proof and we are hundred percents sure that we are offering the best product. Without such tests and without testing the foils on the cars of our friends we couldn’t be sure of the quality we offer. It took us some time to test the product, because only time can show us how foils can change its appearance on a sun.

WinFol centres

Exclusive network of assembly centres

Exclusive materials from leading manufacturers brought to you directly from the USA. It’s the network of assembly centres WinFol. WinFol is registered trademark of ZUZI s.r.o with the number 233137.

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