This is an absolute HighTech car foil that is available only in selected countries. The car foil is available in 10% darkening and provides maximum solar reflection and minimal solar absorption - which make it unique in the world. Production is globally patented and protected. This car foil is available only in ZUZI company because currently is at the testing stage and we monitor customers' interest in such a car foil. The car foil is at a different price range than TOP products and thus is intended only for the most demanding clients.

WinFol NiTro NANO

  • High solar reflection - 68%
  • Minimal solar absorption is 10% what is worlds unique
  • Does not violate with GPS
  • An extraordinary view from inside of the car
  • The uniqueness of the product - more expensive than High Performance car foils
  • Patented structure and manufacturer
Solar energy rejection 68%
Transmitted solar energy 10%
Infra red sun heat reflection 91%
Ultraviolet radiation absorption 99,9%
Warranty 8 years